Please download our resources to use in your classrooms or indeed with your children at home. 


One of the resources is a presentation on mindfulness, with many links to further mindfulness resources. Mindfulness is now widespread in education, and it lies at the heart of much of our work. 


You can also download the material on 'How You Can Change Your World', which introduces young people to the I. C.A.R.E. model. It is the framework for much of our curriculum development, and sets the context for the Humanitarian Water and Food Youth Award, and other social action initaitives for young people. 


These principles can truly have an impact on young peoples' lives: 


‘I got so many skills which are of good value and  treasure in my life.
I learned how to be a leader who will have a positive impact in the country...
I also learned that I can't lead the nation in a positive and admirable way if I 
have not yet developed my inner being, have not discovered my "inner enemies 
(harmful forces of mind/heart – ed.) and inner friends (beneficial forces of mind/heart - ed)”,

and start to work with myself first.

Then I if I have completed discovering my inner being and have overcome 
my inner enemies, then I will be a leader who will make a difference in a 
country and have a positive impact on generations to come.’


‘The training has most importantly taught me to:

Be true to myself and fellow human beings

To be responsible for my life and the surrounding environment
To always persevere in life regardless of the circumstances

It has taught me integrity and veneration
It has also unleashed so much potential in me.’



‘It has made me realise that all the power I need is inside me. It has given me 
a duty to improve the life of many people and to make a difference in the world.’



‘This taught me:


A. I know now to take responsibility, not to blame others for any matter in my life

B. To love others

C. To care for everybody on planet earth

D. Confidence

E. Awareness of inner friends and inner enemies in my mind’




'It has changed my life in a positive way, and I am now awake to many aspects of my life that I wasn’t even aware of before.

I am a better person, because I can forgive, love and let go of any negative feeling.

I have grown in me the generosity towards other people in terms of sharing and giving, expecting nothing in return.

In whatever agreement I have with myself and other people, I have to commit myself to keeping my word.

Wise association means (being with) people I can learn from.

I have changed for the better and I can be truthful to myself and what I want in life and in South Africa as  a whole.'