'All of your scholarship, all of your study of Shakespeare and Wordsworth would be vain if at the same time you did not build your character and attain mastery over your thoughts and your actions.'

Mahatma Gandhi



We are creating transformational curricula for young people from pre-primary level upwards, to be available on computers, tablets and smart phones across the globe. Our intention is to inspire young people to look at how they can make a powerful difference in the world, empowering them to grow as individuals and positively impact their relationships, family, community, organization, and broader society. 


It will offer them the knowledge and tools to ground their lives in compassion, responsibility, humility and integrity, and train them in the courage and resilience needed to create long-term success. It will provide the foundation for their being effective change agents. Our foundational tool is I .C.A.R.E. Action (Integrity, Compassion, Awareness, Responsibility, Empathy, Action), taught within the framework 'How to Change Your World'. 


Our approach brings together a very large range of social and emotional learning interventions (such as mindfulness, collaboration, ethics, empathy and other pro social qualities) and a broad range of social action interventions (including volunteering and global citizenship).


The100Hours' founders, Ron and Paul, first laid out this vision at a meeting of several heads of state of the Commonwealth and in the Houses of Parliament building in the UK. They were invited to develop it in South Africa and India. We have brought this work to an extraordinarily diverse range of people, from children to adults, from some of the poorest and most marginalised people in the world to Fortune 500 board rooms. We are now partnered with several international organisations, including the UN. The 100Hours is a founding signatory to the EU Compact for Peace and Well-being.


We are developing the core of a Global Citizenship Curriculum for the UN's Global Education First, and making it available to the Humanitarian Water, Air and Food Awards and UN International Peace Day events.  


We are extremely grateful to the many individuals and organisations who have supported us with financial and other material donations as we have developed The100Hours. They include Lauren and Stephane Custot; two former Directors of Unilever – Andre van Heemstra and Kees van der Graaf; Head of the South Africa Office for Goldman Sachs, Colin Coleman and his wife Marina; Virgin Atlantic, through their CIDA University sponsorship; Amreesh Chandra and St Paul’s School, Gorakhpur; Danny and Grace Venkatasawmy; the Rt Hon Vincent Cable, MP; and Sir John Cass's Foundation. Through the support of The Vitabiotics Foundation and the Beta Charitable Trust, we also run a primary health care clinic, SHS, in Bodhgaya, India, founded on one of Paul's visits there on behalf of The100Hours, when some of the course participants were so weak from entirely treatable illnesses, they could barely walk to the training centre.